Love Won’t Wait

imagestLike loitering death
Love comes passing through like birth,
Blowing recklessly as it pleases like the zephyr
But as potent as the raging hell fire.
Gifted another’s heart hold firm you must,
Even in the times when life becomes a threatening gust.
This chance will pass
Before you ever learn it was your last.
The beautiful morning will wait never for the lazy,
There shall be no time to find shelter when the eager rain gets busy.
Once you have risen, the dream cannot be recalled with any bait,
O! You dare not wake up, love won’t wait.
Though love is timeless and undying,
He rides on the crest of time, will pass and you’ll be dying.


Five Again

Photo0183I observed five dogs in a silent meeting
While embarking my fifth errand
On the fifth day of the week
In the youth of its twilight.

I neighboured the busy dogs
And the one in brown stood up.
Inhaled peril in its pose
Hastened my dogtrotting gait
But its four legs were erasing betwixt us the space;
Two short legs were not good enough.
Flat in dirt and in the midst of a cloud of awakened dust,
Sharpness frightened my ankle,
Drawing from me a painful cry with my eyes shut tight.
It took an abject drunk’s word
To realize my foe’s harmless sniff.

Till the death date of my foe
I perambulated this route every time
And the same event replayed every time.
I embarked the route not for
The reason of lack of routes
Or that it was the shorter
But because I was just a quarter score old.

Innocent blindness,
Naked and yet not touched by nature.
This was long before in my eyes
Death became certainty
And life, probability,
Long before my bones matured
And I turned Adam
And grew into a Satan,
Long before love’s claws sunk into my soul
And carnal desires penetrated my spotless thoughts.

I wish I could take a walk backwards through time
Or that time had remained stunted
And crippled persistent change.

Last Night

images0Nature had pulled the blind
And put on the crescent candle in the sky so we won’t go blind.
The wind was dry and frosty
It was sub-Saharan winter not toasty.
The cold made my teeth shatter
And my shoulders shudder,
But my soul was warm.

Under a big neem tree I stood tall,
I stood tall waiting long.
Then I heard the variegated and dry
Crispy leaves suffering a weight cry.
I took one twirl,
And there she stood – my goddess.
A few steps and I could see a beautiful dahlia,
A few more and I could touch my darling.
I closed my eyes and tensioned for a kiss which I missed.
I missed a kiss that would have quenched my blazing tongues of passion.
Just then I heard her whisper lightly…
“Open your eyes”

When I did…
A dream was my realization
‘Cause beside me, there she lay
Glowing brighter than the sun in the dark
And her visage well arced,
Separated by a gleaming smile
Carving into her cheek a crater and exposing her teeth
Which sparkled like some rare jewels.

The sight of her
Made my blood rush through my veins
With the fury of a zillion streams searching for freedom,
And filled my chest with a consuming sensation
As strong as the earth’s foundation.

Now we lay close and near amalgamated.
Her embrace was warm; better than that from my mother,
Her feminine skin was soothing and tender;
Better than the finest satin,
And her sweet scented nature;
Better than the perfumes from all of Arabia.

My greedy hands slide of her shoulders
Down into her gentle vale waist
Right onto those soft semicircles…
Her Spartan limbs also caressed mine,
The firm bulbs at whose sight
One remembers baby life also kissed my chest tight.
While my eyes were fixed on hers
Eyes with enough magic to
Seize my breath and petrify my heart
And still give me life.

Then suddenly I started quivering,
So I opened my eyes
But she was not there.
Rays of young sunlight streamed into the dark room
And on my bed there was a pool…
A pool of little drops of life.


Sometimes at sea
Big or small ships, whatever they go to see
Lose their way.images
There will come a time out there they won’t know when its May.
The devil becomes the blame-cross bearer
For the change in weather.
As stormy confusion pushes
The ship farther into an empty wilderness void of bushes,
The ship’s captain runs from cabin to deck
Laying all skeletons on deck.
He forgets he has on deck a strong crew
And his loud tears scream and beg God to fix the screw.
The lighthouse he is on the shore of home,
He leads the captain in his ship back home.

To Hanifa

imagessbThe sun’s shine blurs all my fears
And my shadow returns
To stick to my feet like my sins
Stick to my careless soul;
A new day has arrived.

The joy of love strikes my soul
Off the balance of agitation
When the African daisy
Levitates about the bee.

I am blinded but it is you alone my eyes see,
My ears shall not strain to hear your voice;
Among any chorus I hear none other.
And if I were an artiste,
No other minx would be a better muse.
A hug from some other fairer sex
Is like a gust of wind to my skin.
Nothing like the magic I feel
When the encounter is with you;
For which no judge shall accuse me for not having enough.

I smile now with genuine joy
As I weep from the maddening pain of the future –
Now that I possess the key to your heart,
The proximity of the world’s walls to me gets narrow and closing.
Dearer infinite fold,
The only one person that can twirl my heart,
Thus, you only I shall love for all time.

Upon Seeing The Shine Of A Harlot

Serving varying greedy desires,
Despised, patronized and patronized by the desire owners.
She is a wild flowerindexp
I’m counselled to touch
But not hold on to or bleed forever.

My eyes have seen blemishes,
Flaws well clad in beauty.
But my stubborn heart won’t be dissuaded
And remains a loyal servant
Seeking under a leafless tree the shelter of love.

Only my eyes see smoke from the chimney
A testimony of warming flames inside
The deserted house bearing the load of pointing
Fingers owned by hypocrites.
My heart wishes to pay love, never pesewas,
Love that is more precious than any gem but free as the air.

In the open air
She is spat on and frowned upon by generations.
But with the shade of deaf, sightless and speechless walls
She serves them still when she satiates
Their dirty unprincipled passions in liaison.

I ask this sheen shrouded in soil
To sense my embrace
And expel all history as I have done,
To trust my need of her
In spite of her grime handwork –
That I need her to forget the world
And live in it with me.

Your Share Of Eternity

EternityHow easily could a soul evaporate?
How far is life from death?
How much will life weigh against death?
In a battle over your existence
Which of the two ends with victory?
No matter how long the hourglass’ sand flows,
The forever knowledge remains –
It shall all pass.

In thirsty season, as tired leaves fall,
So shall life probably sneak away in the peace of slumber,
At the mercy of a focused silent poisonous arrow,
In the bliss of a hearty and jolly laugh,
Or in a simple rare stumble.

With the knowing that tomorrow’s aurora
Is just as uncertain as
Picking an ace at the top of shuffled cards,
Let your heart be bright with righteous joy,
Rid it of all riddling hate and darkness

Thus if the realm
Of the eternal heaven is very,
And if the dark corridors
Of undying flames is very,
Maybe before the swift pass of life
You should have earned yourself a small piece of eternity;
Your share of eternity when this arduous journey is over.


warUnsettled dust of confusion and misplaced interests
Are mixing spills of blood with dirt,
Glaives swiftly slash lives,
The innocent freeze and gnash teeth from fear
At the hark of the drumming boots of your legions
And there is no ethereal or comic hero to save them.

What if it were you?
Would you be any more brave?

Now I understand that which some wise people said;
That your elephant feet in fight
Desperate to win over nothing
Will ail the innocent and blameless grasses beneath them
Wild in agony they wail and are hardly heard.
That portraits a lucent happening
Of the lucky losing grip
Among pale blood stained sheets,
Handless, legless and tortured by vicious agues.

What if were you?
Would you want to expire this way?

Fertile lands are abandoned
Because of invasions of senseless explosions,
Once jolly children have become despondent orphans and waifs,
And some are evolving into naive demons
With persistent hunger and death
Maturing them as waifs
As their ribs show like prison bars.

What if it were your offspring?
Would you have your beloved heir be so?

Mothers, sisters, wives and daughters
Are defiled in all beastly ways possible
When elsewhere dogs are treated as colleague humans
But for these real people no help comes for them
Just endless rains of tears from them.

What if it were a maid of your blood?
Would this love in your eyes suit her?

All this treatment to others makes me wonder why;
A lion’s share of humankind’s dispersed wealth?
There is no cedi tag to everything in this world.
Is it for security?
Even Lincoln and Kennedy fell – fine men riding the cloud of greatness.
Is it a fulfilment of allegiance to faith?
Where is that love iterated by religion?
Or is it just for the fun of it?
O!! You pray there won’t be hell.

People, countless are withdrawn from the face of the earth
Over grains, crowns, perhaps fields of dirt
Or other raw fortunes.
Never shall one own every pesewa.
I try to find the light that wars shine on our lives
And I see bloody darkness.

Learn to be content with your legal possessions.
What count of people in your days have you blessed?
Try to recall, for that is the measure of success.
How many people have you loved and understood?
That is where the wealth of life lies.

Wage war against war and let there be peace.
We don’t want to hear the noise of war trumpets
But the sounds of sheathing glaives
And never receding laughter.

Think of how proud you’ll be
To look back after you have expired;
Of the abyss your children and their children will inherit –
The one you are leaving them.

We humans must not be sightless of the truth that
Time will make our mistakes indelible,
The prices inevitable
And the scares imperishable


aYour heart will bleed like squeezed fresh roses
No love, no worries.
Alone with a whole heart
And content with the damp shade of solitude’s hat
Where there is no everlasting hunger,
Pain and tears hereat shall not linger.
Hard as rock
I care not where I walk.
Deep in the coolness of well
And far from the hungry tongues of hell,
I’m selfish as evil
But free as an eagle.
I’m on my own in a stale cave
But I’ll swallow the key, for I’m safe in this cage.


The night in whole I waste in sighs,
A breath from a hole in heart drilled by presence’ absence,
An absence of presence fouling my senses.Freedom
And cum all reason in grasp I still whisper whys.
Unleashed rains of tears attempt lustre at joy,
Firm is the lasting bitterness from the bile of emptiness,
By the emptiness of the occupation of my princess
That left in her wake tattered cloy.
I found freedom in my seek.
Time has retired now, and life is debilitating.
Wish as I may I wouldn’t have her debating
As she did via her angry appetizing beak.
A gentler heart I shall wish to ever possess,
Else to the end of time hereat I shall be in distress.