Time And Reality

I adore the past,
Endure the glaring present,
But shudder
At the unpredictable


The Traveller

Every now and then
The shadow under a womb disappears
And the hourglass starts to pour its heart out.
For another traveller has began his journey with a cry out loud but tender.index2
Where he comes from we find unfathomable,
Not even amen can satiate by telling the where(s) as we know them
Where he goes from here we feign to know.
Nay, his arms are empty but he seems to carry the heaviest of loads.
What a traveller this is –
He travels without a rucksack

He has one of two destinations for an end.
Initial steps are prattle and naive,
Then final steps as huge as a prance.

The whole praxis is definite
With a waltz from our present
Into unknown eternity.

Time To Regret

index1Tidings reach you on tongue waves,
Upon harking you search for the strength
To brave the tidings
Like cave stone walls do the mad sea waves.

With celerity the brume in your past clears,
It is the announcement of;
The victory of a nagging ague,
The expiry of a one so loved,
The shake of the earth heralding the end
Of your silly world,
The site of the crumble of the humble moon,
Or the rain of the far off twinkling stars,
Mayhap the cold tip of
A villainous gun between the brows.

The life sitting in you in the happen is a distance away,
Apace, thoughts reverse into the past.
Which faces did you trespass last?
The noisome of regret
Comes mingling in the already dying breath.

Anyone on this dirty road
Shall need a steed of wish to tantivy.
Could this rue be not sans the alas of today
Or of the morrow?
But you said;
Let it be of the morrow,
Mayhap of the day after the morrow.

Now as you stand life is darkling,
No more cock crows shall you hark.
It is now you realize it is yesterday
You should have let
Your only child, mother or father know –
I love you,
It is yesterday
The application for forgiveness of a fidus Achates
You should have accepted
Albeit he let you down
Or you should have become a Magdalene;
A puritan of a maid,
It is yesterday your black wise
You should have repented.

Yesterday is the time to regret
Transgressions big or small
But today is when you do,
Today who is just as gone as yesterday.
To be in time for a difference,
The time to regret is yesterday.

One More Time

indexStagnant and stale,
Stationary and misleading
And in need of revolution,
Age is wiping true Christendom,
More pews are vacant with every new day
And ministers are losing their grip
In the sustained status quo.
Its abating will wipe all humanity
And under the intensely fervid time
Faith evaporates under a heat of confused wisdom.

We unknowingly desire as Avatar
To reiterate the words
Spoken but forgotten by us
Through the drains of time
By the Messiah from Nazareth,
The one who was pilloried by us
When his own help failed him for us
Just once at the place of skull.

We need that Avatar,
A Messiah with no climate
Of history of uncertainty
But utter words of certainty:
If only Jesus came one more time
And pulled humanity to the zenith
Of the hallowed eminence of faith.


I am of Christ and there christened,
His orison hours are dictated by the golden sun,
I am cocoa brown with a nose as broad as a shield,
His skin is fair as my palm’s white
With an erect nose as a tent.
My hair is spiral stygian,
His is golden, glorious in the sunlight,
And rests on his shoulders in the event of it being unshorn.

A snowy partition separates us,
We are bridged by endless tides
Of sand and of the deep currents.
As I reside in lucence
He wallows in lightlessness
And his day time my night time.
Our tongues churn out a difference
With every same epithet
And he sits on hills of silver and gold he may have stolen from me
While I scavenge for wealth in the barren sands.

Still his broken heart lakes his eyes just as me,
Our lacerations will pule blood
The same colour as the wounds of Jesus poured,
We live under the same sky and own one same earth.

But from ages of yore to this day,
In his mind me an oddity,
In mine him an oddity.
We are both from the womb of Eve,
The difference of the tongue does not matter,
Colours do not matter,
And climes shall not even be enumerated.

If only we ransacked our hearts,
We’ll find that love
To prove that we are brothers.

In This Life

Everything around seems normal
Even friends and family you have seem loyal.
You don’t know you are at the market on loan.

But that’s the way it is
So shut your eyes tight
And open your ears wide
So you can see clearer.

With their sinful gear on,
They device instructions for life constructions
Successfully skating this world propitiously down
Into monumental doom of horrendous proportion.

But that’s the way it is
So shut your eyes tight
And open your ears wide
So you can see clearer.

A bairn who sees a mirage in the middle
Of a road ahead sees only a pool of water.
How I wish this bairn was mature enough
To understand the wraith within.

But that’s the way it is
So shut your eyes tight
And open your ears wide
So you can see clearer.

The grown up fishes find it difficult
To evade the fisherman’s entangling net.
And somewhere in mainland, there’s this beautiful flower
Which has the powerful spell to bless and to curse,
To make anyone laugh or cry or to live or die.
Because it is inexplicably beautiful but poisonous –
We all inevitably get to see this beauty and either
Give in to it bearing in mind the price to pay later
Or play fugitive for fear of it.
You can choose to believe me or not.

But that’s the way it is
So shut your eyes tight
And open your ears wide
So you can see clearer.

A piece of puzzle won’t fit somewhere
To fit elsewhere,
People hate to love,
Lives are lost to life
And instability exists because of balance
Just like wars exist because of peace.

But that’s the way it always has been in this life
So shut your eyes tight
And open your ears wide
And you just might come to see clearer someday.

Why Too Late?

When we began the ultimate journey,
I tried not to get in any one’s journal
And continued to stay blessed
Alone in my Will-bliss.
Over my shoulders was the sun
Father to the white son.
With only songs at the depth of my heart;
I was so flat.
Simplicity got my vision blurred
But I managed to climb up the bluff.
I could now see
The heart of the sea
And because of the ridiculous eyes of our…
I took the dive too late in hour.


A heart that couldn’t stand a drought
Was trusted in your treasonous care without any doubt,
In the comfort zone of trust it hung by a threadindex3
And the taste of paper is all I could make of bread,
All for the sole reason
Years seemed to pass for the new season
To save me from the inferno of time
By stopping my heart’s frightful chime.

From my window pane
To where my head lays counterpane,
My body in lust
Could not save my soul in dust,
Not even the prettiest bimbo
Could, even with certainty get me to bingo-
My hands kept slipping from the phalanx of bitter – drowsy vials
Like my exhaustion from holding on to viands.

My redeemer was the interloper from up the hill,
For my tears could not heal.
She is the peace that made my black tempers fail to evince,
With love she is able to convince.
She is the magic who gave me amatory life
Like abracadabra I have never seen in my life.

A Kiss I Needn’t Dream Of

k1She bid me close my eyes.
I know she is crazy
So I wondered what she’d do next.

I turned a cheek
Not hoping for a slap
And she repositioned my face.
My eyes were closed
But I could see her face zoom in on mine.
In a third of a second or so
The click on my lips faded.
It was like a short sweet breeze
In hot abrasive climes,
It blew and I couldn’t hold on to it.

My chest stiffens and my thoughts clear
Every time it crawls into my memory.
I struggle to paint my emotions in the moment,
Well… many people I know
Will labour with success of measure.

Good, maybe bad
Those few seconds of emotional elation
Are nearly palpable when I tease myself with its memory,
Then I wish we were of another time
And met under different climes.
Then I’d have walked on miles and miles of embers
And through the seasons of the rose line
Just so I can reach your heart,
Fought the devil and every one of his legions,
Stopped the world from turning
Or even quenched the sun
If that is what it took
To get to taste those lips as mine.

She told me happy birthday
And I knew it was just a kiss,
A kiss I needn’t dream of.