Flight Attempt

The pain of love preached by
Poetry I have read,
Ghastly words passing at Wuthering Heights,
The resounding notes of music,index5
And even the caution of my mother
Have deceived me to reside in safe risk.

The given vision I had of love –
A remorseless fiend that will torment me for all eternity
Had me trying to evade the shine
And heat of the sun on a bare desert.

My thoughts might be weak
But caged in my heart are intense cares
Searching for an exit in my vision,
This caged vitamin in my heart is becoming a poison.
It is time for me to forsake safe risk
And embrace risky safety.
Though my maker did not coopt me wings
I’ll jump the high end and attempt a flight.

I shall crash at the land,
I know that;
But I shall float awhile
And be flying just before I crash.


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