Blue Forever

Hope rationed me some joy
That a blue one like me shall be a lucky boy.
With every ounce of my capacity
I searched for a perfect conjugal felicity.
I knew a perfect love was all I needed to be rich
And I stretched every length to reach.
My sweet mother laughed at my ambition
And engaged my young mind;
“Son, you can’t fill a basket no matter
How much water you pour into it”.
For most of my short earthly eternity
I was determined to be happy
So my heart laboured and bruised its hands
In search of a glitter in the dirt.

They say there is a star for everyone
And that one star I found,
The brightest I could see in the galaxy
But that beauty may have settled only on my eyes.
Hope rationed me some joy
And a lucky boy I’d become.

Sweat and blood had flowed
Just for the hope of joy to fly;
My search and her wait
Had different aspirations
And the more I poured water into the basket
The more the water disappeared.
She is my perfect mismatched love
That banished my life’s ambition
From the realm of reality.


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