No Comebacks

Even a happen in the past in this day
Or last night’s dream lingering
In the realm of reality today
By the strike of realization is still unique.

The day you first saw light,
The morning of your fifth birthday,
The first stumble of your heart into the pit of love
Through to the day life climaxes
You’ll never see the last Tuesday in the next Tuesday.
No more shall you descry seasons that have come and gone,
And not another time shall you see
Seasons of the present when they are extinguished
And those yet to come and go.

Don’t hope to,
For indifferent time shall do you no such favour.
Just look how hard you work in his name,
Still the stipend you get is what you get.
He is cold and hasn’t any time to waste either,
Forever sleepless why should he let you?

He has made every single second a measured treasure,
Every moment you breathe is sixty times over golden and unrepeated,
And he has mouldered life into a one way route to eternity.

There only are look-backs not comebacks.
For such reason,
You may live wisely, smile and regret little in your look-backs
Or live foolishly and weep and rue copiously
And hope for a comeback in you look-backs.


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