Better Me Be Dead

index Verily time and space is a lonely place.
The shadow of the clouds of luck has long passed
Over my head.
The sweet juice from the fruit of pain diminishes,
My heart and its troubles are getting bigger,
Bigger and heavier than my chest’s space can accommodate.
The world is so silent
But I hear my heart’s heavy music;
A song pleading for its heart’s desire.

The paths I knew are now labyrinths,
Where’s the way back home?
The sweet dirge
Of her voice replays in my mind.
And her portrait in my dreams won’t be still!

How could there be alterations inside me?
Better me be dead
Than liaise with love.

My knowing and my awakened emotions argue.
I’m not in control anymore,
But if I let go
Will I find some peace?
My resolve brings pain and restlessness
And my loath brings some peace to my ears.
But there seems to be something beyond the two
That is seen by those far beyond my years.
My mind is tearing up too…

How could this happen to me?
Better me dead
Than liaise with love.


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