Bulls bullied a tender me,
I always knew it was a time for weeds.
Bulls bullied a tender me
But all I ever returned was peeps.
The strong were weak
And called my patient meekness weak.
Who’d ever have thought a feeble me
Shall become a strong worker bee.
My deep set eyes,
You couldn’t see them with rapid goodbyes.
The vicious volcanic intensity of my voice,
You only will hear of naught myriad boys.
My big hands never wrapped her neck,
I ought to have been sleeping in my bed.
Truth is too silent to have saved me from the isolation of crime
By virtue of my youth’s prime.
Time had rescued me from an embarrassing pool
And plunged me into a forest of woe.

Who’d have thought my stiff heart will stretch a beat ever for love,
Nobody could have guessed my just tongue will ever twist a lie.
And though my love never asked why,
My heart trespassed for the love,
And finally, thanks to the lies she had to fly
In a lack lustre bloody goodbye.

My life is a deception
To those at the mercy of its perception.
My intentions are maybe pure but good
But misunderstood can’t be understood.
It really is quiet easy and plain
If only I’ll be heard when I try to explain.


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