My First Love and Love Made

Even before the days dugs seized to feed me
She was my first love next door.
I kept a beauty unutteredimagessh
Hoping one day I’d be able to look
Into her radiant eyes and unchain my merry.
That day never seemed to be
Anywhere in the future of my fate
But only in the dreams of my slumber
For she was with a lad of wealth,
A son to a thronless king
With golden teeth and diamond pride.

I felt so much pain fatuously
For forgetting that the truth is not always reality.
I never noticed, my first love
Heard the rumour in my eyes
And saw the shy shiver in my stride.
On one cloud frowning afternoon
I heard three fast raps on the door,
And I opened it to my dreams…

In a smooching dress like a negligee
She strode in
In a rustic seraphic gait abut me,
Abut me so I could feel her gentle breath abut me.
I tried to utter at least an epithet of passionate nonsense
But just stammered unsuccessfully.

Some hardened small dots on her chest
Teased me in touch
And lit a sweet conflagration
In the confines of my loins
That rushed in ejaculation.
Her palm felt my face,
The touch I never had,
And I was flying in the infinity of reality,
Very close to the possibility of imagination.

For the first time I broke free from the chains of shock,
I moved and stuck my lips gorgily to hers
Like a sconce to a wall.
Four legs stumbled in search of an abode of rest
And our eyes were blinded by the sweet and tasteless kisses.
Even then my right hand pulled off the riband to free her hair
As my left hand crept into the cleavage between her thighs.
We lay conflated and straddled on a nonplussed bed.
Without cover we were just like Eve and Adam
Just at the climax of creation
But in our own moment of Eden.

Our eyes were locked
And at last the bird entered the nest
Our woven bodies roved in search of deeper pleasure
Till I became flaccid in the vale of my thighs
And we both sunk in deep slumber from
The fatigue of the passionate performance.

I was calmed
When my lids opened upon resurrection
By her tender, sweet and still tasteless kiss.
This time
The truth was the same as reality.


Truth in a Lie

You’ll see it is no lie
When we touch, kiss and lie,
A sweet simple palpable proof
That love is truth.

You’ll see it is no lie
When our hearts thrum one rhythm,
A silent anthem
That is amplified by the truth of love.

You’ll see it is no lie
When I blister my soul’s palm’s and knees
In a return from travel of mischief
And your firm love collects me from the dirt.

You’ll see it is no lie
When you reverie my smile or kiss,
A kiss of comfort in distressing minutes;
A moment you cherish in harsh business.

You’ll see it is no lie
When in your world of sleep
We stand face to face in a nuptial
Before the minister and his excited congregation
And vow – for better or for worse.

You’ll certainly see it has never been a lie
When my tongue speaks an enticing lie
To keep alive and nigh the truth
Buried deep in the lie; my life’s joy’s poof.