Mankind’s Satan,
Cunning wise adroit
Divinely using prowess for


Folly Of Men

I am sitting at my window pane,
People are running and not in pain

I am watching men revere rain
And forgetting the One with the rein

These men cherish the love of men
And growing the tree of sin and don’t learn.

But they still pray to be worthy of eternity.
God’s disappointment in this entity

Shall not trigger my surprise.
That I rue being a son of this race, not so wise

I wish I lived in erstwhile times
Like I wish eschewing living in these times

When the folly of men will pull down the world’s walls
In blizzards of wars,

Firestorms and sandstorms of dread
While men feed on kindred flesh as extinction faces bread.

In pale sheets, on the way to dust,
They will still covet perishable moments like of lust

Since eternity in their eyes is subservient to their fate as shadows
While herculean transgressions pile like an avalanche of meadows.