Only strong belts of endurance
Can hold back this fluid; maybe magical,
From pouring down one’s countenance.

It is the wheel barrowTears
That carries out the wreckage circumstance leaves
After shaking a life in its moments of dominance.
It is the silent words
That turn around dispositions
By showing blinded people
The different colours of sunlight.
It is the rain that sometimes keeps a waif company
And crowns some bar-raisers.

I am jealous
Because everyone sees it in oodles
When season wearing the right circumstance comes.
I don’t,
Because my well of tears
Is arid with nothingness.



Every time I see you
A fire in me burns alive,
Right in the depths of my soul
And the hills of wax melt away.

Whenever I think of you
My heart pants for you
And my soul thirsts for you,
It makes me wish God will bless
Me with you and never bless me again.

There is a certain aura
Borne by your winsome eyes,
That brings me love as sweet as nectar
And as inevitable as the fate of the soul of Hector.

My spirit is tortured
And now I’m robbed of my sleep
With my boundless thoughts
In the quietness of the sun’s absence
Cloaked by you and your seemingly shallow cares.
I believe our souls are made of a sole material
Because our souls seem united for some purpose
And I hope there will be time to fathom why
And hold communion,
Making me the favoured possessor of your love
Before the wrinkles of time hiding behind
Our youth crawls up our faces.


The ever generous Maker gave us
a beautiful sunny day; Sunday.

But the fisherman’s boat
Had hit the shoal,
And rain drops fell off the pane.
Who was in pain?

The echoes of a beautiful cry
Could be heard outside the magnificent
But dilapidated structure.

It was the advent
Of one of the Maker’s
Most priced creations; Clara
Just a little child she is,
But fills my heart with overwhelming delight
And pastes a smile on my visage
With every epithet she spews.
Coupled with her
Beauty and innocent virtues –
She is perfect.

She is perfect,
But perfection may fail
To fit her like a dress with age.
How I wish she would be the same forever.