Their eyes are glittering love
While their hearts drum the lover’s anthem.
When they get tired of spewing crassy sweetness
Their skins touch and rub each other tenderlyimagess5
In the popular lovers’ dance.
Battered by encouraged pleasure,
The sweet secret passion is climaxed
With his head resting on her breasts.
She’ll wriggle his ear with her finger,
Exorcising all pain and worries
Stashed under his flesh.

In small time though;
Flames to ashes the camp fire will die,
The moon and stars will be fading goodbye
And darkness will be giving space to light
Where these moments will be shrouded
In secrecy like the masks they put on
To hide their real faces from their lovers.

But night will liberate them
In the darkness again,
When they will empty the cages
Which hold their desires
And let their passion’s fires
Vie with that of their audience’ – the stars
As the kind moon tries to banish utter darkness.


Life After Love… (The Other Side II)

Have you ever loved someone
Who left you for another?
Have you ever had the idea
That someone loved you and it wasn’t so?
Have you ever been fed love deliberately
Just to poison your soul?
Have you ever been dizzied with an idiot’s ecstasy
And left by the sole provider?
Have you ever been hit by gentle bullets of tears?
Gentle bullets from your own eyes
Because love slammed a door at your life
With the fury of a thunderclap
And the powerful diabolism of an earthquake?

Well, I have
And it felt like the tease of the chilly fingers of death.

To everything there are two sides.
Amazingly, this is the side of the coin called love
Many neglect a look at.
So when you get that cheap but important gem,
Flip it and take a thorough glance
And might just come to see that;
Love is not so parallel to death.
Armed with the infinite power
To keep you buried as deep as forever
In the heartbreak cemetery,
You will become a living phantom.

I am,
And now I know what it feels like
To walk about with one’s soul in the grave

The Beast’s Chill (The Other Side I)

A deceptive appearance
And we were walking down the isle
I took no chances
And would have taken
Her down to Eden
Thinking our mirage-love would make us
An immortal single duo; and dying we’ll die in love
But we weren’t meant to be
Because the sun burned out
And darkness swallowed the shinning day
So she left without saying
Adieu! !
And now my bones are chilly
Because joy comes no more

Love Hurts – The Dialogue

WILLIAMS: Grandpa, the hurt of love maims

Any progressive thought in my mind.

I believe love is an incurable disease

Every human must strive to avoid,

Don’t you think?

GRANDPA: hmmm… convince me…

WILLIAMS: Ok, just you imagine you have a friend

Who knows not of your love for her.

She is your friend and you try to please her as one.

But… your heart doesn’t want her as such.

You try to love her less

But your heart wants to love her not so meagre.

And though your mind reigns,

You are barely sane and so you are hardly quiet.

And she comes to chronicle to you

The joys of her great love –

These are laps on the clock you desire of her she gives him.

How racking and maddening… but if only you could steal the clock.

Like Dorian Gray you employ a beastly wise

To hide your true face,

But there is that other soul in you

That longs to be seen,

To be able to share gentleness, kisses and touches,

To show her to a world she never knew or had…

But even the two inside of you can’t brighten the gloom

In the depths of solitude by their drama;

Hence quiet you shall keep so she’ll enjoy

Her bliss and you’ll enjoy your misery because you love her.

GRANDPA: Williams my boy,

That must have hurt whoever you speak of real bad.

Does love really hurt?

(He holds his chin and rolls his eyes thoughtfully)

WILLIAMS: You agree then… (He says eagerly)

GRANDPA: You’re are one wise lad so I’ll telll you this;

Love never hurt me; love killed me, love made me cry

Till I had nothing to cry as tears,

Love made me hurt till I lost my sense of perception,

Love put me down till… I felt immortal.

In the shine of my youth,

When I walked into the inevitable path of love,

It was renewing, refreshing, soothing and thoroughly magical.

Where else, in whom could I have known such wonder?

But in his world and in him – love.

My eyes and ears and all wit were taken

And an addict I became,

Because love was so strong and demanding,

So sweet and but turned sour

Just at the turn of a corner,

Just in the tick of a second.

There were days when she and I just…

Just loved, held each other close,

Kissed each other long, and our hands,

Lips, bodies and our hearts comingled into one.

But in one step, maybe a toss of a coin,

Possibly the start of a new breath,

At the lips of a car she disappeared

In her slow spreading blood

And I have been bleeding ever since.

Such pleasure I’ve roved

Through my years and can’t fathom or find.

Williams, love could hurt,

Love hurt me real bad but…

WILLIAMS: You concede then that love isn’t that flawless bliss

That the movies, songs, stories and poems

Make it out to be? (He interrupts)


You see, a day that never learns to break

Never learns to shine,

A child that never learns to crawl never learns to run.

It is funny how at times death will reborn you,

And how other times

The pain moulds you.

Now listen and listen rapt –

Love is never compromising but sometimes risky,

But living life and never loved to death is worse,

Is worse than laying your heart

To be trampled on by loves feet.

Love is so antique, a wisdom very unpredictable,

A maker misconstrued as a destroyer

Because of the mischief of kismet.

This makes one wonder if love even loves us.

But which science can figure that out?

And that is what makes love a magical flawless bliss.

Love could be bitter,

It could hurt you beyond repair,

But once you’ve encountered it you’d see

That it is sweeter than it is bitter;

That the sobs from your cries if you observe better,

Will realize they are disguised mirths – even the hurt is sweet.

Williams, (He looks him soft and long in the eyes)

Lose your heart son,

Just so you can find it.

The Unseen Third of a Love Triangle


The sun is a faithful glory not a shiny hotness.
So many times I wished I possessed a nibble of its boldness.
Behind the wars of love I shall not deserve a medal of bravery,
And to fuel the fires of my woes, the luck apportioned me wavered.
The fruits of my passion were getting rotten
But I couldn’t help but bare more.
If only I was a character in a movie or novel;
Damn this is life!
Thin lines are hard to see and easy to cross.
In the space of two seasons
She evolved from silhouette to face to person.
From whence did such awareness come?
If ever I was told by a fortune telling breed
Of my later love, never would I have agreed.


Where was the strength to resist this urge?
My hands wandered her skin,
My heart fleet at the speed of light
And her complimentary heart beat as hard.
Our lips gently touched and our eyes closed;
The moment I’d been waiting for had come –
The dream had come through.
We lay hands on each other,
Slowly and gently we tasted true love.
And the chill of the harmattan feared to touch us.
Till the end I savoured every bit of the moment eyes closed,
Raised my lids and I had bathed in my sweat.
I was in an inverse world, and like mirror my dream was fragile,
I only wish my eyes weren’t so agile.


I’ve wondered if at all God gave me some charm,
Or is it that my charm is beheld by the wrong people.
I displayed wit beyond my youth’s capacity,
Whether day or night
For her I was gentle as the moonlight.
I told half lies, half truths and full white lies
And God on high may have applauded my generous efforts.
She must have seen all of these, if not,
A sorcerer could have made me limpid as glass
And all she’ll glimpse will still be oblivion to her heart.
Some other gentleman occupied the hallowed confines of her heart
And as a precipitate of my jealousy I denied ever knowing love,
When in me she dwelled and drained my joy and sanity
And I prayed to mitigate such sweet penalty.


The queen of my heart knighted a prince charming;
It wasn’t me.
She countered his countless superior appellations to my ears,
These are things I’d have to live without.
My ears got sore
And her words were like daggers
That stabbed my soul
But my feigned happy-for-you smiles kept her fooled.
Sadly for her and happily for me,
He recklessly threw her heart for grabs.
What arrant folly,
Even for the keys to heaven I’d still have held on to her.
Stealthily, behind the masquerade of friendship’s might,
I decided to sneak up and possess his birth right.


With a face like a monalisa
By the dextrous hand of a great and vilified artist,
I’d wish nothing else feature in my dreams.
She boasted other-worldly brown hazel almond eyes,
Delicate nostrils holding on to a rare bridge
And thin fine rosé moist lips
That exposed ivory teeth and tacit dimples when they part.
A ration of her raven black her hung over her left eye;
It made me think of her as the she-pirate of my heart.
A graceful tall svelte frame with an artist’s outlines,
Suave as such, in her gait and sundry manners,
This is probably why my heart wasn’t
Dissuaded from yearning for her affection;
I speak of a creature of immense perfection.


But my wild appetite in this damsel
Should not teach that
I wasn’t in bondage with another.
Please do not melt your wax of scorn on my manner,
The blame goes to my independently reckless heart.
But I don’t and won’t blame my heart;
The dame with whom I was in bondage
Had many virtues like unearthly beauty
And paralyzing stares,
But she was too wise and too sane to be in love.
If I walked, I absconded with just a hug.
Sooner or later
I was going to fling this commitment into the flames of oblivion
And intimately accept this pending recent union.


I pushed joy away and succeeded in learning to fake smiles.
Life became more difficult than it had been.
I evolved into a believer
That did not believe
And still believed;
But it couldn’t be love I felt,
I’m invincible; I should be against just an idea,
An insipid, intangible idea,
I pretended that what happened to my innards
Had nothing to do with love,
That it was what they call a crush.
Sigh! Unfortunately for me I hoped the dusk will fade into day.
My superior logic pushed my love for her into oblivion.
And my heart and mind were in scythed union.


Lies are fickle and don’t last;
The one I told myself didn’t have much life either.
I’d murdered her but she’d just not die.
Her ghost haunted my peace and I loved it,
She made herself a drug that kept me sane,
And she conquered my dreams and roved there alone.
In the silence when nobody was around
I heard her whisper,
In moments with her I walked on the clouds like an ethereal creature
And the rest of the world was hushed.
Her voice and smile fed me satisfaction I can’t fathom.
When we bid farewells my face changed form
Of its own accord; a truth that striped my emotions bare.
This was enough to know I loved her.


“I don’t know what it is fate wants with me
But I know what I want with you.
For because of you
My sanity threatens to flee,
I feel blind but have never seen better.
There is a spectrum of feelings
That fill me to the brim
And comingle into one –
A beautiful breed of feeling; love,
I don’t know what you want with me
But you’ve ripped my heart from my chest
And my mind deserts me with my heart in your grasp.
I’ve whispered these words and more into a hole
But it is your love I need to nourish my soul.”


I told my emotions
To my face in the face of the mirror.
Time for me to chronicle my emotions to her had come
And I garnered my scattered pieces of courage.
Just when the breath of word was forming,
Happily, she told me she’d found a new love.
Daggers and arrows would have done me less harm,
And my soul was instantly in union with sorrow.
I wondered how love could be exquisitely painful and sweet.
Then I began to hope that betwixt myth and legend
My knowledge of this experience shall come to rove till
It is lost in the dust and webs of the corridors of antiquity.
That if ever she learned it is her I always wanted to be with,
She definitely will believe it a myth.